8 Ways to Humanize Virtual Recruitment

8 Ways to Humanize Virtual Recruitment
Virtual Recruitment
Virtual Recruitment

The rise of remote and hybrid work models has generated a wealth of talent for small and medium-sized businesses. As such, virtual recruiting is typically the basis to source and select potential candidates. Although this approach can provide advantages to both employer and employee, it may come with some drawbacks in terms of the recruitment experience. This guide offers guidance on how HR and People Teams can use humanization techniques to positively engage candidates during virtual recruitment, enabling them to find the best person for each role.

How does virtual recruitment work?

Instead of meeting candidates face-to-face for several rounds of interviews, virtual recruitment involves sourcing, interviewing, and selecting candidates remotely.

The scheduling of video calls to meet and screen potential hires can be more flexible with virtual recruitment. Virtual recruitment also centralizes and simplifies many steps involved in the hiring process, such as reviewing resumes, communicating status updates, and sharing candidate feedback, through the use of technology.

The benefits of virtual recruitment

The benefits of virtual recruitment for small businesses and their HR departments include leveraging technology and removing the need for in-person meetings.

  • Efficiencies in recruitment costs

Using virtual recruitment reduces hiring costs significantly. For fully remote teams, it also eliminates the need to find a physical location in which to meet candidates. Virtual screening and interviews save time and money when scheduling, conducting, and reporting on face-to-face interviews.

  • Meeting times that are flexible

By eliminating the need for travel to and from office locations, virtual recruitment makes it easier for candidates to schedule interviews around their busy schedules. Senior leaders with busy schedules are more likely to meet virtually with potential employees.

  • Recruiting speed

When in-person scheduling is no longer necessary, virtual recruitment speeds up many aspects of the hiring process. Multiple rounds of interviews can be conducted in rapid succession. A centralized site for managers and interviewers to share feedback on candidates can speed up the selection process, while online form submissions facilitate document collection.

  •  Hiring efficiency

A number of the inefficiencies and time-consuming aspects of the traditional hiring process can be addressed with software and online tools. Hiring managers can use virtual recruitment to send and receive forms, create and update candidate profiles, conduct interviews, and review portfolios without having to deal with paperwork or schedule restrictions.

  • Candidate pool reach

Through virtual recruitment, you are able to access a broader talent pool that is not constrained by geography. As a result, you can bring new skill sets and new perspectives to your organization and foster innovation. Diversity initiatives can be supplemented by virtual recruiting and inclusive interviewing strategies.

8 Ways to Recruit Virtually while Staying Human

The automation and efficiency of virtual recruitment are immensely helpful for HR and People Teams but can come at the expense of candidates’ personal experiences.

  • Establish a virtual open-door policy

No matter whether a candidate is selected for the position or not, recruiters and hiring managers should be as accessible as possible to them. Keep contact with those candidates who have been unsuccessful in their applications – they may be suitable for another position later.

  • The second step is to build relationships

In the same way that they would in a face-to-face setting, hiring managers need to build relationships with their candidates. Establish a rapport during interviews so that the candidate feels comfortable and relaxed during the process and more open and honest conversations are encouraged.

  • Utilize the tools available to you

Recruiters and candidates can interact better using a range of tools and resources such as Zoho Recruit, Testgorilla, and HR Avatar. Using technology to open up more channels of communication with the talent pool, from virtual interview schedulers to candidate surveys, is a good idea, but don’t over-rely on features such as artificial intelligence to screen candidates.

  • Provide feedback to the company

Unsuccessful candidates appreciate constructive feedback on their interview performance so that they can make improvements in their future applications. Feedback is an important step in humanizing virtual recruitment. This leaves a positive impression on those who may reapply successfully in the future.

  • Consistency is key

In order to ensure a level playing field, follow the same processes and procedures for all candidates. This will also allow for equitable grading and assessment of applicants and will improve the overall candidate experience.

  • Training should be conducted

A virtual recruitment system, tool, and best practice training can be helpful for hiring managers who are new to the process. Instead of simply transitioning previous interview tactics to a virtual environment, HR teams should provide tips on how to effectively adapt to video call scenarios.

  • Ask for feedback

Virtual recruitment is a relatively new concept for all parties, and no organization gets it right the first time. Survey both successful and unsuccessful candidates to find opportunities for improvement, and continuously improve.

  • Follow Up with Outstanding Onboarding

When a new employee joins your team, continue their journey with an exceptional onboarding experience. Relationships don’t end with an offer letter. If the candidate will continue to interact with their new colleagues from a remote location, you will need to take a more proactive approach to personalize their early days and weeks as an employee.

Virtual recruitment shouldn’t lose its personal touch

Virtual recruitment is becoming more widespread, providing companies with access to a vast range of candidates. Collaborative technology helps businesses cut costs, streamline operations, and hire faster while still fostering positive connections with applicants. When you’ve identified the right person for the job, PyramidBITS‘s onboarding solutions make sure they have a positive welcome. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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