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An effective CRM centralizes all customer data and touchpoints on one platform, providing complete visibility to better understand, serve and retain customers.

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Why Zoho Books

Counting software designed with the needs of businesses in mind. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that are particularly beneficial for the Egyptian market.

Multi Currency

 Zoho Books supports transactions in multiple currencies, making it ideal for global businesses. 

VAT Compliance

Easily manage and comply with VAT regulations

Arabic Language

Accept payments from customers both locally and internationally with a variety of online payment gateways.

Inventory Management

Provides tools to manage stock levels, set reorder points, and track inventory in real-time.. 

Arabic Language

User-friendly for native Arabic speakers in Egypt with Arabic language support.


full compatibility with the Egyptian E-Invoicing system.

Zoho Books vs. Xero and QuickBooks

While Xero and QuickBooks are popular choices, Zoho Books offers unique competitive advantages:

Advanced Automation

Provides advanced automation capabilities, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

Flexible Customization

Offers more customization options to fit your business needs.

Superior Integration

Part of the Zoho Suite, allowing seamless integration with other Zoho applications.

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Transform Your Financial Management with Our Free Consultation

We understand the unique challenges faced by SMBs and entrepreneurs in managing business finances. That’s why we’re offering a free consultation to help you understand how Zoho Books can transform your financial management. Fill out the form below to claim your free consultation. Let PyramidBits help you harness the power of Zoho Books to drive your business forward.

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• Invoicing:  Create customized invoices and get paid faster with online payment options.
• Quotes: Generate professional quotes and convert them into invoices with just a click.
• Customer Portal: Empower your clients to view all their transactions in one place.
• Expenses: Upload your receipts to stay organized and track where your money is going.
• Bills: Generate bills to track the payments you owe to your vendors.
• Banking: Fetch your bank transactions automatically, categorize them, and reconcile your accounts with ease.
• Projects: Keep track of every billable minute with timesheets.
• Inventory: Monitor inventory levels to identify fast-moving items and keep them well stocked.
• Sales Orders: Send sales orders and confirm each sale before shipping goods to customers.
• Purchase Orders: Communicate your requirements to your vendors with clarity.
Tax: Keep track of your tax liability and stay tax season ready at all times.
• Online Payments: Accept simple, swift, and secure online payments from customers.
• Reporting: Schedule reports and get the real-time data needed to optimize your business.
• Automation: Save time by automating business workflows.
• Documents: Streamline and store all your documents in one place and attach them to transactions.
• Vendor Portal: Empower your vendors to self manage their transactions with you.
• Mobile: Do your accounting on the go using the mobileapp for iOS, Android, and Windows.

• Zoho Books offers flexible pricing plans to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. For detailed pricing information, please visit the Zoho Books pricing page or contact us for a personalized quote.

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