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Tracking visitors offline with Zoho SalesIQ

Business owners have been gathering data on their customers through user behavior observations for a very long time. For instance, a knowledgeable local shopkeeper may monitor their customers using measures like:

  • The frequency of their visits to the store
  • when they last went into the store
  • the kind of goods they usually purchased
  • The kind of feedback they receive on the goods and their general customer experience (CX)
  • Their demographic details

More importantly, company owners engage with their customers on a personal level, allowing them to follow up with them at various points and provide a more tailored experience. They use a variety of media to monitor purchasers at different stages (notebooks, files, Excel spreadsheets, and so on).

Online visitor tracking

Now, let’s go forward. How much information do modern internet firms have on their customers? Online companies do not physically contact the people who visit their websites, but many have embraced website visitor monitoring techniques to acquire a clear picture of how their visitors use the sites. These assist them in providing proactive customer interaction and CX, stepping up their sales and marketing activities, increasing conversions, and tracking visits in real time.

The entire CX experience has advanced to the next level, particularly in the wake of the epidemic. Today’s problems for business owners—particularly those facing the sales, marketing, and support teams—include on-demand personalization and fast help availability.

What is Zoho SalesIQ website visitor tracking?

Tracking website visitors enables companies to learn more about their demographics, the devices and applications they use to access the site, and their preferences. Additionally, it keeps track of visitor activities, such as the pages they view, the material they express interest in, the time spent on each page, and the frequency of their visits to a certain website.

What effects has internet visitor tracking had on companies?

Companies have gained insights into detecting things that previously appeared unachievable with the adoption of a website visitor monitoring technology to study website visitors’ behavioral patterns.

Businesses are now able to see the whole digital footprint of anyone visiting their websites, which includes details like the following:

  • website traffic
  • Engagement/bounce rate
  • Demographics
  • Behavior evaluation
  • either new or recurring clients
  • path finding
  • Reporting in real-time

These behavioral analytics all produce information that may be utilized to develop more precise targeting strategies for marketing, sales, and other business sectors.

Businesses must spend money on a website visitor tracking solution for the following reasons:

1. Boosts the production of leads

You may improve your lead generation efforts by better understanding your target market with the use of website visitor tracking. Setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and time-bound) lead generation objectives involves having an understanding of information like preferences, location, and hobbies.

Website visitor tracking helps organizations increase conversion rates by enhancing purchasers’ paths to becoming potential clients.

2. Advances your understanding of buyers

With the use of website visitor monitoring software, businesses can connect the dots to comprehend visitor behavior on their websites, making it easier to understand consumers and their journeys.

Consider a scenario where a person accesses the website of Zylker and begins perusing the company’s service and product brochures. Let’s also assume that the user stays on the page longer and has a lower bounce rate, indicating that they have discovered what they were searching for. The consumer receives exactly what they need from Zylker. The consumer keeps up this surfing behavior by looking at their price, indicating a growing desire to buy.

3. Enables personalized customer experiences (CX) and customer engagement (CE)

In keeping with the prior illustration, how can Zylker improve that specific user’s CX? Zylker can determine that the visitor is from a Fortune 500 firm with a U.S. basis thanks to a website visitor tracking service. Additionally, the visitor’s behavior suggests that they are the “proper” account for Zylker and have a high level of buyer intent (time spent on the site, number of pages seen, and actions done there).

Zylker can immediately connect with the user by initiating a proactive live chat. Zylker can shorten the sales cycle with a live chat. Additionally, they may send the consumer tailored emails with relevant items, related products, and exclusive deals. This leads to a more effective and timelier CE. Isn’t that the only thing that counts in terms of pleasing potential customers?

How many business owners are genuinely devoted to acting in order to deliver the finest client service and experience? Businesses may develop a sustained competitive edge by going the extra mile. By using a customized strategy, businesses may develop experiences that are unique to their customers and foster enduring relationships with them.

4. Boosts ROI

There is data everywhere. Gaining relevant insights from data from website visitor monitoring software helps increase ROI. To determine the efficacy of their initiatives, businesses can follow the development of the sales, marketing, and support teams in detail.

What is Zoho SalesIQ website visitor tracking software?

Website visitor tracking software enables online businesses to track visitors who end up on the website from various sources. It gathers web traffic data on each user and provides insights to businesses to improve lead-generation activities.

What features does software for tracking website visitors have?

1. Visitor tracking in real-time

Businesses may get up-to-date information on website visitors from a reliable website visitor monitoring program. To prevent identifying people and invading their privacy, this is done anonymously. However, if the visitor willingly supplies information like their name, email address, and phone number, website visitor monitoring software can de-anonymize the tracking.

The instrument may acquire broad information like:

  • Name of the company
  • number of Employees
  • Country
  • Region
  • Website

The software used to track website visitors’ activity is crucial since it gives an in-depth insight into each user while also displaying visitors’ online behavior.

2. Customized views

A website visitor monitoring tool should also allow business users to construct custom views depending on a particular set of criteria, which is an important feature to look for.

For instance, let’s assume you want to keep track of the businesses coming from the UK and Ireland as part of a campaign you are doing to reach financial sector enterprises there. Manually filtering your views on a regular basis is time-consuming and ineffective. A customized view is significantly simpler and more useful to set up.

3. Prioritizing leads

Automated lead scoring should be facilitated by website visitor monitoring software. Businesses may use behavioral data to automatically add lead scores to visitors by putting up rules that add lead scores to visitors. It may be positive lead scoring or even negative lead scoring, depending on the needs of the organization

Businesses can target leads with the highest lead scores in order to convert them into potential customers by giving the greatest priority to such leads. The sales team may concentrate on the most crucial leads with the aid of lead prioritization.

4. Apps Integration

Making educated judgments is difficult for organizations when data is dispersed. To interface with the resources already in use by your company, such as online analytics tools, email campaign software, data visualization tools, and others, make sure the website visitor tracking software is versatile enough.

Businesses may quickly sync prospective prospects discovered by website visitor monitoring software and add them to the CRM pipeline to increase outreach initiatives by integrating with CRM software.

Is visitor monitoring software for websites GDPR compliant?

Yes. Website visitor monitoring software is by default GDPR-compliant due to the tight compliance standards and regulations on privacy and security. Vendors have stringent guidelines for acquiring data since doing so would subject them to significant fines if they violated GDPR. If a person refuses to allow tracking on their web browsers, a website visitor monitoring technology won’t be able to identify them.

Next, what?

It’s crucial to select the appropriate instrument by comprehending the necessities of the now and planning for the future.

Even when a visitor turns into a customer, the journey continues. Businesses must consider how to increase consumer involvement. Review your goals and objectives before choosing a tool, and then decide. Consider the future as well. What more steps can you take to enhance the client experience?

There are several technologies accessible, such as a platform for customer involvement with integrated visitor tracking. With the aid of such technology, businesses may build up chatbots to converse with customers round-the-clock and initiate proactive live chats with visitors. Additionally, it may aid in streamlining conversations across a variety of platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, live chat, email, and others.

Zoho SalesIQ uses four distinct methods to obtain a visitor’s name and email address (identification) and to generate leads. When finished, it updates the visitors’ SalesIQ records and keeps this information for all forthcoming visits.

Zoho SalesIQ uses the following techniques to identify visitors:

  1. Via live chats
  2. Using web forms for CRM to receive newsletters or online inquiries
  3. Through website traffic brought on by email campaigns, you’ve launched (campaign emails delivered to CRM contacts or leads)
  4. By configuring a JS API.

Note: Visitors’ information is only gathered with their permission. Try out Zoho SalesIQ with PyramidBITS! Built for small and mid-sized businesses, Zoho SalesIQ offers a digital customer engagement platform to communicate with visitors at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Initiate the right conversation at precisely the right time.

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