How UCPA Found Success in Keeping Things Simple With 4 Zoho Apps

كيف حققت UCPA النجاح في إبقاء الأمور بسيطة باستخدام 4 تطبيقات Zoho

The Company

A sizable French non-profit organization called UCPA provides more than 80 different activity courses at 70 locations throughout France and an additional 19 centers abroad.

A chartered organization that continually promotes and expands the sense of enjoyment through outdoor sporting activities, it was originally founded by the government to encourage young people to take more vacations and experience the outdoor lifestyle. Age restrictions are in place in keeping with the UCPA’s original goal of making outdoor sports and coaching available to young people.

The Challenge that Faces UCPA

The company’s headquartered in France and has more than 70 destinations in France and 19 other centers worldwide, including the Egypt branch located in El Gouna, Hurghada. Reservations data is collected in one Excel sheet.

In the El Gouna branch, the employee needs to filter to know the time, date, partners, details about insurance, diving certificate, type of reservation (diving or parasailing), and transportation to send required documents and welcome emails manually.

The challenge was that this process and all its steps required a lot of time, a great effort, and a large number of employees, and therefore a higher cost, and the fault rate is higher because all its details are done manually, therefore the risk rate is high.

For their first 8 years in business, UCPA relied solely on spreadsheets to track and manage Their client reservations. But they couldn’t handle the demand for reservations anymore. This created another facet of Their business that required close tracking and monitoring. Spreadsheets are great if you’ve got only a single screen full of information, but when you start adding extra tabs, it becomes quite difficult to navigate and find all the information you need.

UCPA knew they had to find a system to keep their business more organized and automated. They couldn’t identify a practical solution that would help manage their unique business process and recurring reservations.

And that’s where Zoho One steps in.

The Solution

Zoho has long been a trusted name in business automation, and its software is designed to help businesses of all sizes. UCPA was able to find a system that allowed them to manage their recurring reservations with ease, and they were even able to automate some of their other business processes. Since implementing Zoho, UCPA has been able to improve its efficiency and bottom line. They’re now able to focus on what they do best – providing an amazing experience for their customers.

Zoho makes it simple to enter all the data on Zoho Sheets, which then automatically uploads it to CRM. All of the necessary information is included in the data, which is categorized and organized by date. Each person receives an email automatically based on his or her condition.

For instance, an email is sent automatically to a person whose data indicates that they haven’t reserved transportation informing them that UCPA has transportation that can take them from the airport to their resort. An email alerting the person that he lacks certain documents, such as insurance, a diving certificate, and others, is sent to the person who shows that some of his papers are incomplete.

Additionally, the customer receives a welcome email letting him know that he’s been registered and a form is attached for him to fill out with the information that the company requires to be aware of before the client’s arrival, such as the size of his suit, the size of his feet, and other important data.

A week and a day prior to the appointment, a reminder email is sent out with all the relevant info regarding the time, location, and agenda. Additionally, the number of attendees is verified upon client arrival by checking in and comparing it to the number of people who made reservations. This made counting easier because they could always see how many people joined them, what activity they had scheduled, and other information needed for the company’s statistics.

The business now has a unique interface on CRM that was created especially for it. This interface is divided into all the details and data and is organized according to time, appointments, room reservations, and other considerations. Only when data is entered into Zoho Sheets, classified in CRM, and emails are sent in accordance with each classification, the entire process runs automatically.

The entire process became automated with the simplest human intervention, which led to a 70% employment saving, because fewer employees could carry out this process easier, with less effort, and in a 40% shorter time, thus achieving more in less time, less employment, and an increase in profit.

This is a big-time saver, and it also eliminates the hassle of having to remember to send emails manually. Zoho also makes it easy to keep track of responses from customers, which can be very helpful for follow-up purposes.

Additionally, the availability of software for the business that streamlines operations has an impact on the company’s reputation because when operations are carried out in an organized manner, there is essentially no room for error, which gives customers a more enjoyable and organized experience.

Zoho sheets and CRM are the tools we use for this customized process.

We also used Zoho Forms and Zoho Flow in the backend.

Let’s learn more about each app role!

Zoho CRM

We use it for:

  • To manage large volumes of customer data, and allow us to correctly arrange and categorize it in order to make them accessible at any time.
  • To automate the process of sending emails.
  • To extract data for analytics and reports.

Zoho Sheets

We use it for:

  • Upload datasheet to transfer it to CRM automatically. 

Zoho Forms

We use it for:

  • To create the form that is sent in Zoho mails to know the details, as we mentioned.

Zoho Flow

We use it for:

  • To integrate all the above apps together and automate the process.

Although it might seem like a complicated process in the backend, its result simplifies a lot of complicated operations that take a lot of time and effort.

Thank you, UCPA, for sharing your experience. Your story inspires our team to work harder and continually improve our support for all our clients. At PyramidBITS, we are committed to helping you implement Zoho as a powerful software solution to help businesses like yours improve processes, team productivity, and your client’s lives.

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