SoTech & 45+ Zoho Apps: A Single Secure Solution to Manage Data & Processes.

SoTech & 45+ Zoho Apps

The Company

SoTech started in 2020, in the evolution of 5G & IoT. A group of techs, business, and engineering professionals aiming to transform the “Out of Home” advertising to be traceable through a simple set of software solutions; by offering a venue management system for hospitals & clinics – as it’s the most significant under-served industry for digital transformation to support managing their businesses. With the data monitored, they can target and retarget visitors by doctors & advertisers based on their behavior.

The Challenge Facing SoTech

This is how Sotech App works: The patient enters the clinic and his name appears on the screen at reception, according to his reservation time. The doctor and assistant see the list of patients on his mobile App and go to call them one by one. When it’s the patient’s turn, he enters the room and is seen by the doctor.

After the consultation, the patient leaves the room and his name is crossed off the list. This system helps clinics work more efficiently by ensuring that patients are seen in order and that doctors have a record of whom they have seen. It also means that patients don’t have to wait around in reception for their turn.

On the same screen, the advertisements are rotated at regular intervals. They are usually for products or services that would interest people waiting to see a doctor, for example, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and any other ad type. The clinic can generate additional income by displaying these ads on the screen.

The dilemma was that they couldn’t keep track of their clients’ locations, specialties, or the number of devices being used in the clinics. They also couldn’t pinpoint where each device was so that they could easily access it.

The system can also not generate an accurate inventory of the devices in the warehouse. The lack of accuracy in the inventory management system has led to several issues for the company. First, it is difficult to determine when a device needs to be repaired or replaced. Second, it is difficult to track which parts need to be ordered for each device. Finally, because the system does not track complete devices, it is difficult to know how many devices are actually in the warehouse at any given time.

The Solution from Zoho Apps

Zoho Apps has helped the company track and monitor their clients. It has also allowed them to see which customers have signed a contract with them or not. In addition, it has helped them to classify their customers according to region and specialization and has allowed them to organize their doctors’ appointments so that each doctor is visited during his or her own time slot.

Zoho Apps gave them the ability to list the equipment in the warehouse by indicating what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, they were able to include the location of each device, the quantity purchased, and the amount sold.

This information was extremely helpful to the team and allowed them to keep track of their inventory very easily. They were also able to see which devices were selling well and which ones needed to be replaced. Overall, Zoho Apps was a great tool for managing their warehouse inventory.

Sotech can now easily count the active devices at each clinic, gathering data from the forms they fill and successfully transferring to the organized and categorized CRM.

This is a huge improvement from the previous system where data was entered manually and often led to errors. The new system is much more efficient and will save the company time and money in the long run.


They also have a dashboard with all the data about the doctors, including their locations, specialties, the volume of patients, whether the patients are mainly women or men, their ages, and other relevant details.

This data is then used to make weekly or monthly reports, depending on the need. The reports show which doctors are getting the most patients, what times of day are busiest, and any other information. 

In this case, we used Zoho Apps such as CRM, Zoho Forms, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Desk, Zoho Assist, and Zoho Vault

Let’s learn more about each app role!

As a company, Sotech has improved its operations in so many ways. Moving forward, the team is looking to bring its entire business operation within Zoho, so it can keep its data integrated and rely less on third-party applications.

Zoho CRM

They chose to use CRM so that everyone could have quick access to all the data because it provides data that can be categorized by Locations, Specializations, and Status.

Zoho Workdrive

After instances of data being lost, the team is interested in exploring how Zoho Workdrive can keep its data more secure and accessible

Zoho Forms

They are keen to use Zoho Forms To Create forms that will be filled out with doctors and clinic details.

Zoho Inventory

Sotech is also curious to see how Zoho Inventory can give them the ability to list the equipment in the warehouse by indicating what works and what doesn’t.

Zoho Analytics

What if they need collected data reports? Here is the Zoho Analytics role, as a dashboard with all the data about the doctors, including their locations, specialties, the volume of patients, whether the patients are mainly women or men, their ages, and other relevant details.

Zoho Desk

Because interaction with customers and being aware of their complaints is an important element of any successful company, they need to use Zoho Desk to Manage customer tickets, track customer interactions, and automate support processes.

Zoho Assist

In Sotech’s case, they needed to have access to any device of theirs, anywhere, at any time, to repair a malfunction or obtain data, Zoho Assist had a major role in that.

Zoho Vault

Additionally, each business has its own passwords or those of its clients, Zoho vault helps Sotech securely store, share and manage passwords. It offers features such as two-factor authentication, password recovery, and auditing.

With the implementation of Zoho One, Sotech finds it incredibly easy to understand where the business stands. Articulating important information quickly and clearly represents a huge advantage when it comes to making key decisions.

Employees were able to see Zoho One’s impact within 3 months of implementing the system, making it clear that the legacy systems previously in place were not equipped to handle the company’s unique processes.

Thank you, Sotech, for sharing your experience. Your story inspires our team to work harder and continually improve our support for all our clients. At PyramidBITS, we are committed to helping you implement Zoho Apps as a powerful software solution to help businesses like yours improve processes, team productivity, and your clients’ lives.

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