Meet Maqsam: The International Communication Solution


Communication is an integral part of any small, medium, and enterprise business. But it often feels like a challenge but thanks to Maqsam’s cloud communication suite – which features more features than you would ever have time to explore – this is becoming a lot easier!

Introducing Maqsam

Introducing Maqsam, a communication solution that allows you to erase borders and reach your global customers wherever they are! Maqsam is the perfect solution for businesses that want to expand their reach and connect with new customers around the world. With Maqsam, there are no limits – you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Maqsam offers a variety of features that make it the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes:

-Seamless Integration: Maqsam integrates with your existing business communications infrastructure, so you can continue using the tools you’re already familiar with.

-Global Presence: With Maqsam, your business will have a global presence – you can communicate with customers in over 200 countries and territories.

-Flexible Plans: Choose the plan that’s right for your business, whether you need basic or premium features. There are no long-term contracts – you can cancel anytime.

Why Choose Maqsam?

There are many reasons to choose Maqsam as your communication solution, but here are some of the most important ones:

With Maqsam, you can erase borders and reach your global customers wherever they are. There is no need for multiple phone lines or expensive international calling plans. Simply use your regular phone line and our service will do the rest.

Maqsam is also very affordable. We have different pricing plans to suit different needs, but our rates are always reasonable. You can even get a free trial to test out our service before you commit to anything.

Finally, Maqsam is extremely easy to use. Our sleek interface makes it simple to add new contacts, make calls, and manage your account. You’ll be up and running in no time at all!

Maqsam Features

The ultimate toolset for advanced business communications.

  • Call Transcription

Use keywords to find the right recording without having to go through all of your call recordings.

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Our transcription feature converts all of your calls into searchable text, saving you time from having to sort through thousands of call recordings. You can also set up keyword alerts, which will send you an email if a specific word or phrase is mentioned during a call, which is useful if you want to be notified (immediately) about certain topics being discussed.

  • API Integrations

With our comprehensive open API solutions, you can improve your customer service.

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As a growing company, we’re sure you’ve developed your own system for running your operations over time. Because no product can cater to the exact approach of every single business, our team created a diverse set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that will allow your engineers to fully integrate Maqsam into your systems. This will, of course, increase and improve the team’s productivity and efficiency. With our ever-expanding set of APIs, there are no limits to what your team can create. Offering industry-leading APIs for connecting, syncing, and sharing data with other systems.

  • Call Center Intelligence

With complete insights and metrics from your call center interactions, you can make winning decisions.

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Provides real-time insights into all aspects of your contact center metrics. It provides complete data collection control and allows you to view reports, dashboards, and charts for all incoming and outbound calls. We log every single interaction your team has with your customers and store your data indefinitely so you can filter your data and create the reports you need to make better decisions.

  • Track User Activity

Observe in real-time, make pertinent observations, and keep track of your users’ activities.

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Your Administrators can monitor one or more agents and their activities, whether they make and receive calls on multiple phone numbers at the same time. Each user’s activity is detailed on a timeline.

  • Preferred Agent

Every time, match your customer with the best-suited representative on your team.

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Do you want your customers to feel appreciated? Let them know you value their time by automatically routing their calls to their account manager when they call your company number.

  • Out of Hours Services

Schedule your after-hours behavior so that customers know when you are available.

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Simply set the operating hours for each of your numbers and specify the behavior you want your customers to have when they contact you, whether during or after business hours. You can program templated messages to be sent or played back when customers contact you via WhatsApp messages or phone calls.

  • Concurrent Conversations

Handle multiple customer interactions at the same time using a single phone number.

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Handle as many calls and online chats as you want through a single phone number without being disconnected or missing incoming calls, allowing your company to manage multiple customer interactions at the same time. The number of available channels may vary from country to country.

  • Fully Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create your own IVR flow that works best for your company and guides callers to the appropriate function.

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IVR systems are similar to robots in that they can be programmed to behave in the way that best suits your business, such as automatically routing calls to a specific agent, having the caller record a message for your team, playing informative messages, triggering templated messages, or even forwarding the call to any phone number in the world. Typically, businesses structure their IVRs in a way that allows customers to easily navigate the company’s various departments and services and then connect them to the appropriate agent.

  • Custom Reports

Create and share custom reports based on your data with your team.

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Our dashboards provide you with a wealth of insights and information about your team’s performance, but we understand that every business has its own set of requirements; therefore, our team will assist you in creating custom reports that cover the necessary KPIs and metrics and have them automatically generated at the frequency you specify.

  • Custom Call Filtration

Easily sort through your calls to find the ones that are important.

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To uncover specific interactions, look for calls at the intersection of any set of parameters you can think of. Using our call filtration feature, you can retrieve a list of calls handled by your team that meet any specific criteria you can think of, such as the duration of the call, the time the caller spent in the queue before being connected to an agent, the direction of the call, and many more.

  • Internal Call Transfer

Allow the phones to ring. Respond to calls quickly by transferring them to another team member.

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Our internal call transfer allows your team to transfer calls amongst themselves in the event that a customer requires the attention of a colleague or an agent from another team. This feature works flawlessly and improves your customers’ experience by eliminating the need for them to hang up and call your team again.

  • Mobile App

Dial and enjoy roam-free and beyond wherever you go with Maqsam’s dynamic Mobile App.

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Maqsam has its own mobile application to meet all of your mobile communication needs! All of Maqsam’s fantastic features are now available on your smartphone. Make and receive calls while on the go and away from your desk, while still having access to your company’s shared phonebook. You will be able to set your status to reflect your availability, transfer calls to your colleagues, and handle all customer inquiries as if you were at your desk using our Mobile App.

  • Real-Time Call Monitoring

In real time, monitor all of your incoming and outgoing traffic flows and identify areas for improvement.

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Identify agent proficiency and deficiencies, and provide real-time feedback to improve call center quality and customer feedback. Maqsam’s powerful coaching and monitoring capabilities provide admins with immediate visibility into agent performance, allowing them to identify and correct mistakes quickly in order to better service customer issues and improve calls with prospects.

  • Call Forwarding

By forwarding your incoming calls when you are unavailable, you will never miss a call.

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This option allows you to direct incoming calls to an external number of your choice, even if you are out of the office, working from home, or on the road. Create a company or team-based forwarding rule that sends calls to any phone number in the world when this rule is met.

  • WhatsApp Messaging

Connect Maqsam to your WhatsApp Business account to simplify organization messaging.

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With incoming and outgoing messaging capabilities across WhatsApp Business, you can introduce your company to the world of messaging. WhatsApp has become the most popular and desired mode of communication among today’s youth. You don’t want to pass up golden opportunities to delight and satisfy your customers. Your team will be able to proactively reach out to customers via approved templated messages or directly respond to customer inquiries using our WhatsApp messaging feature.

  • Power Dialer

Assist sales and support teams in dialing faster, increasing connection rates, and reducing manual entry for greater efficiency.

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Use an automated phone dialer to make business calls quickly by parsing CRM tools for contact information. Improve agent efficiency by consolidating call flows directly into your preferred CRM. The most effective salespeople are well-informed. With Power Dialer, your sales team will be able to connect with leads faster than ever before and capitalize on every opportunity that arises.

  • Live Dashboards

With our Live Dashboard, you can sit back and watch the traffic flow in real time, allowing you to take action without delay.

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Teamwork from afar? Not a problem! Our live dashboard provides you with a bird’s-eye view of all real-time interactions between your team and your customers, as well as some additional insights into your team’s activity and current status. You will receive a detailed report on all inbound and outbound calls that pass through your account, including call queue time, which agent from your team is handling the call, and the duration of the call. Our live dashboard also allows your supervisors and administrators to join any active call and assist your team if they require assistance via call whispering and coaching features.

  • Call Whispering

Listen in on live calls between customers and agents and coach your agent in real time.

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Call whispering is a critical feature in any contact center operation because it enables supervisors and managers to provide real-time advice and feedback to agents while they are handling calls without allowing your customers to hear you. This allows you to offer timely advice or suggestions without disrupting the flow of the conversation. Call whispering is primarily used for coaching and assisting newcomers because it occurs without the other party listening in, making your newcomers feel more empowered and confident handling conversations with your customers.

  • Skill Based and Dynamic Call Routing

Manage your calls by routing them to the appropriate agent based on the variable you specify.

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With our Skill Based and Dynamic Call Routing features, you can specify how you want incoming calls to be distributed among different users and groups based on their departments or skills. You can automatically route calls to agents and groups in any order your company requires. Rules can be set based on a variety of variables such as the day of the week, time of day, the caller’s origin country, or even the caller’s exact phone number, among others!

  •  Phonebook

Increase team agility by centralizing all contact information.

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Add contacts to your Maqsam account for the entire team to identify. Greet your customers by name to earn their loyalty. We understand how important the privacy of your customers’ information is to you, so we provide you with the option of restricting your agents’ access to the phonebook details, so they only see the customers’ names when interacting with them and the phone numbers are never exposed to your agents.

  • Unlimited Call Recordings

There are no restrictions; record as many calls as you want.

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Unlike others, we offer high-quality call recordings that are available immediately and indefinitely. We provide you with unlimited storage space for your recordings at no extra or hidden costs. Call recording is a useful tool for keeping track of the history of each conversation. With our dependable service, you can rest assured that no detail will go unnoticed. Training new employees have never been easier thanks to our call recording feature, which allows newcomers to review customer interactions (if they have permission to do so) and learn more about how conversations flow from support and sales functions.

  • International Coverage

Get all types of numbers, including landline, mobile, and unified numbers, issued instantly for your business.

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Get local numbers for your company in over 200 cities and provide a fantastic customer experience when communicating with your customers. Whether you’re a small business with a single location or a large corporation with offices all over the world, we’ve got you covered. Connect with your customers all over the world!

Maqsam and Zoho integration

Maqsam’s integration with Zoho CRM can help you manage your clients and sales more efficiently while engaging with leads confidently and saving time. Simple data sync allows you to see up-to-date insights on customer behavior and make timely decisions.

  • No Agent Action Is Required

This feature enables the admin to configure the integration once for the entire organization account, eliminating the need for any configuration on the agent’s end, and making the integration process smooth and seamless.

  • Update on Auto Ticketing

Our Zoho Integration automatically updates your CRM tickets, saving your team time. This feature sends the data to you automatically. This ensures that your tickets are always up to date.

  • Automatic Activity Generation

For each incoming or outgoing call, this feature will automatically create activity under your customer’s record in Zoho CRM. All call details will be logged and added to the activity, allowing your team to access the information in real-time from a single location.

  • Recordings that are automatically added

With the Zoho CRM and Maqsam integration, all of your recorded calls will be automatically added to your CRM and listed in your customers’ records. Your interactions with customers and potential customers will be visible to the entire team.

  • Click to Dial

Click to Dial is a quick, simple, and secure method for making all of your outbound calls with a single click. It makes life easier for your team by allowing them to make calls intuitively from within your CRM and Helpdesk tool, saving time and effort.

  • In-App Dialer

Maqsam Dialer is a feature-rich in-app dialer that lets you make calls without leaving your Zoho CRM account. It’s extremely simple to set up and will provide your users with the best possible experience and results.

Maqsam pricing

We understand that small, thriving or even enterprise companies always need to be conscious about their spending as they increase their efficiency. That’s why Maqsam, unlike other solutions, is designed to provide the most powerful features, at the best value, and without breaking the bank! Erase the borders and allow your customers to reach you from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, United States, United Kingdom, and hundreds of other calling destinations.

  • Price Per User (Telephone + WhatsApp)/month: $45+5/month
  • Price for DID/month: $30/month
  • Outgoing ($)/month: $0.14/minute

If you’re looking for an international communication solution that is both affordable and reliable, Maqsam is the perfect option for you. With Maqsam, you can make calls to over 200 countries at very competitive rates, and you can be sure that your calls will always go through thanks to its high-quality network. So, if you’re looking for a way to stay connected with your customers abroad, contact us now and give Maqsam a try.

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