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In the competition of hiring the best and the brightest, businesses invest a lot of time and money trying to find and hire the top individuals. However, without a strong hiring strategy and tools, even the best efforts will be futile.

A solid hiring process is one of the most important—yet usually overlooked—elements of managing a successful business. Not having one is a significant red flag for potential prospects.

The right talent assessment tools enable you to accurately evaluate your candidates’ preparedness for a specific position by assessing their hard and soft skills, potential, and knowledge.

Resumes aren’t a good indicator of a candidate’s future job performance, as they cannot give you precise insights into someone’s personality, cognitive abilities, behavior, and attitude. They also don’t assess whether a candidate would be a good fit for your company culture.

This blog will look into the different talent assessment tools you can use and some of the best options. 

Testgorilla for hiring

Managers can use TestGorilla to add lengthy or multiple-choice questions to exams and email invitation links to several candidates. Applications can be sorted by ratings, alphabetical order, most recent activity, or custom answers, and administrators can monitor the status of applications in real time. Users can also analyze test results for candidates, add confidential notes, and create thorough performance reports.

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Testgorilla Benefits:

1- Save time and resources

Getting the time back of your hiring team is the main advantage of employing online candidate assessment tests.

Although online applications make it very simple for people to apply for open positions at your business, the large number of applications can be very taxing for your hiring team.

You may quickly exclude applicants who lack the fundamental abilities, information, or character attributes required for the position by giving candidate assessments as soon as a candidate applies.

2- Identify qualified candidates

Even if a candidate is totally truthful on their resume regarding their qualifications and experience, it can be challenging to determine whether they are a good fit for the position from a cursory glance at their resume and a few brief conversations.

They might be highly competent, yet their talents might not be appropriate for the position.

3- Compare qualified candidates

You might have two qualified candidates, for instance, with resumes that look comparable on paper but have totally different personalities. The decision of someone you hire can therefore come down to intuition. Sometimes our instincts are correct, but interviewer bias frequently has an impact on them.

You can identify applicants with the help of additional variables provided by online candidate assessment tests. Once you assess a prospect’s job-relevant talents or cognitive abilities, one candidate might stand out above the rest.

4- Reduce time to hire

You get better candidate response times when you use online candidate evaluation tests.

Assessment tests are a subset of a larger class of recruiting automation tools that help you find top talent more quickly, reply to the best candidates more quickly, and lessen the likelihood that they’ll look for other jobs.

5- Improve the quality of hire

The mentioned factors all contribute to higher hiring quality overall. This translates to better employee performance, lower attrition and retention rates, higher management satisfaction levels, and better company outcomes.

HR Avatar

Candidates are evaluated using HR Avatar assessments based on important criteria such as work history, skills, knowledge, simulated job duties, and cognitive aptitude. The examinations are animated, with portions that evaluate actual workplace scenarios, and a moving host that directs the job seekers. Therefore, potential applicants perceive it as a genuine job and like the testing procedure as a whole. The Test Score report includes both numerical numbers and a 5-star rating system.

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HR Avatar Benefits:

1- Detailed Test Results Report

A summary including the overall score, competency scores, and comparative information is included in the PDF report. Competency descriptors score information, and expert interview questions customized for the test-taker are included in the report’s details.

2- Reduce Candidate Complaints and Mitigate Risks

Job simulation-based evaluations are clearly tied to the job, which lessens candidate complaints and the danger of charges that the exams are not appropriate for the position.

3- Improve Test Fairness and Reliability

Each whole-person test is created for a particular profession and includes various forms of testing in a single test session, including cognitive ability, personality, knowledge/skills, behavior history, and essays that are automatically evaluated (for those jobs that require writing ability.) Employers don’t have to be concerned about choosing the incorrect test or losing out on important information as a result.

4- Whole-Person Approach

Cognitive ability, personality, knowledge/skills, behavioral history, and machine-scored essays are just a few of the various assessment categories used by HR Avatar exams in a single assessment session. This results in a superior overall measurement that is more trustworthy and equitable.

Comparing merely enables you to choose the tool that is best for your business because some elements of hiring tools make them superior to others.

For instance, the TestGorilla tool can support 1000 users whereas the HR avatar can support up to 500 users. Therefore, TestGorilla is better suited for businesses with more users.

On the other hand, the HR avatar can do video interviews but TestGorilla cannot. As a result, the HR avatar can assist you in observing the candidate’s response, which is necessary for particular positions.

We highlighted the benefits for you, and now it’s up to you to decide which is best for you.

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