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Zoho TeamInbox
Zoho TeamInbox

Emails have been a required form of communication in offices ever since their introduction. To communicate with clients and coworkers, teams in almost every business depend on email. In our contemporary, hyperconnected world, this need for email isn’t going away any time soon.

Email is convenient and simple to use, but it’s not exactly ideal for cooperation. Collaboration is frequently not as smooth as it may be because it requires sending group emails, receiving them, and then repeating the process. Ever receive an email addressed to a group address without remembering to “Reply All”? We understand how stressful it can be because we’ve experienced it as well, which is why we created Zoho TeamInbox to make prioritizing cooperation much simpler and boost team transparency.

This article will go through how teams who share collaborative spaces can access email more easily with Zoho TeamInbox. We’ll quickly go through how to utilize emails as a to-do list and how to manage tasks using emails. You’ll understand how to keep track of everything you’re working on in one convenient location at the end of the article.

Use Zoho TeamInbox to turn your emails into tasks.

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Email is one of the most popular ways we receive new task assignments. In reality, we frequently receive numerous projects through our mailbox throughout the course of a single day from various sources. Naturally, keeping track of incoming emails and often forwarding emails to numerous inboxes can rapidly turn hectic.

However, you can simply create and manage tasks from an email and then link those tasks to earlier emails thanks to Zoho TeamInbox. After posting the tasks in groups, Zoho TeamInbox also enables you to assign specific team members to the tasks you create from emails.

Compared to the ordinary situation that many teams find themselves in, this type of collaboration is typically much more effective. A team lead typically receives an email from their manager, who then notifies the rest of the team of the new work via a group email. When each team member emails their own questions, comments, and progress on their task, task management starts to get more difficult. This scenario, sooner or later, leads to lots of wasted time and a partial or total loss of context regarding the original task.

Make a to-do list out of your emails.

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By allowing you to switch back and forth between people’s inboxes, Zoho TeamInbox makes it easier to prevent constant forwarding. This can be especially helpful if you’re juggling emails between team members and emails you send to clients that aren’t tied to tasks. You must exercise extra caution if you have clients from different nations since you don’t want to unintentionally transfer an email written in English to a client who doesn’t know English. In order to avoid confusion, you need a way to distinguish task emails from other messages (and languages). Multilingual marketing can help you build relationships and trust with leads.

By assigning a topic to someone, archiving it once you’ve responded, and snoozing lower-priority threads to keep your inbox as clear as possible, you can further increase your degree of convenience. Additionally, Zoho TeamInbox lets you add particular tags to make categorizing thread-based discussions simpler.

These are the tools that Zoho TeamInbox now offers, but we’re also working on introducing additional features that will enable you to organize your chores more.

By organizing work into threads, topic-based interactions may be maintained without losing context or wasting time. With the “Discussions” function in Zoho TeamInbox, you may start new subject threads with your colleagues. You can keep all of your topic-based discussions in one collaborative place because internal team conversations are only dependent on incoming emails.

Sharing messages from your personal inbox to that of another team you are working with allows you to manage communications that are specific to that team with ease. You can move emails across team inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox by using the “Move to inbox” option. Make some room in your email when another team takes over a task-related discussion. Task-related threads can also be divided and combined in the interim, and you can track them across many inboxes.

Sending your messages at the appropriate time is an important part of effectively managing multiple inboxes, which is why Zoho TeamInbox allows you to draught emails and schedule them for later so you can concentrate on other things. With the “Send later” capability offered by Zoho TeamInbox, you may draught a message whenever it is most convenient for you and schedule it to be sent at a time when your recipients will also find it suitable.


Email isn’t really designed to be the ideal collaborative tool at its heart. To its credit, email has advanced significantly in recent years. One example is the rise in productivity brought on by group addresses, which make it simpler to send group emails. However, as you are likely aware, effective cooperation calls for more than simply receiving and sending group messages. You frequently need to move internal conversations from the inbox, at which time you run the danger of forgetting the original context of the communication.

With Zoho TeamInbox, we advise treating emails like tasks. You can continue having internal talks while sending and receiving group messages. For maximum cooperation and less switching between programs, Zoho TeamInbox brings together all of your many and frequently unrelated business talks under one roof. By smoothly switching between several inboxes and sharing specific messages with the right individuals, you can finally stop continually forwarding messages.

You don’t need to be concerned about moving your conversations away from email; instead, start utilizing the collaborative capabilities of email with a product we’re pleased to make available to the business community!

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