Zoho One: The Path to Increased Productivity, Growth & Peace Of Mind

Examine your company carefully. Do you rely on multiple software solutions and integrations that break with each update? Do you have data silos that cause information and task duplication and disrupt the flow of your operations? Do you frequently find yourself re-learning app interfaces, seeking assistance from various online resources, and attending conferences in the hopes of streamlining your existing processes?

Many businesses today face these challenges, especially when they invest in new cloud applications on a regular basis. As they grow, they frequently end up with multiple best-of-breed solutions, which can lead to frustrating software issues. This article provides a path to increased productivity and growth in all aspects of your business, allowing you to achieve peace of mind.

A Journey Down The Multi-Vendor Spiral

Zoho One
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With industries and markets constantly changing, new business trends emerge on a daily basis. These trends offer quick fixes for inefficiencies and aid in the optimization of daily operations. Businesses are constantly implementing new solutions in order to remain competitive in areas such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence, sustainability, security, privacy, and social media influence.

Typically, digital transformation begins with the implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) software. When sales reps manually entered sales figures into spreadsheets, it complicated data consolidation and made forecasting each quarter difficult. CRM software enables teams to view sales projections on a centralized dashboard. However, as a company grows, manually entering leads into the CRM system becomes tedious, reducing overall efficiency and productivity. This, in turn, reduces opportunities, resulting in lost revenue.

As a result, businesses look for and invest in the “best” marketing automation tool—one that allows them to nurture inbound leads, qualify them with lead intelligence, and efficiently add them to the CRM system. Businesses can resolve lead generation issues after collaborating with an implementation partner and implementing the chosen tool.

Businesses use inventory management tools to manage products and send more accurate quotes to customers as they grow. This makes order fulfillment easier and ensures that products are automatically removed from inventory when necessary.

When a company’s customer base grows, it turns to vendors who specialize in support desk implementation. They set up support systems that ensure customer account traceability and assist in providing good customer service. Companies also implement human resource management system (HRMS) software to provide the same level of support to their expanding workforce.

Even though software adoption has increased, it is still impossible to have a consolidated view of company data at this time. This eventually leads back to the source of the problem: siloed data. Investing in a business intelligence (BI) tool appears to aid in the consolidation of data from various applications; however, the issue of training employees to use different UIs remains. Businesses rely on multiple integrations as well, increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) to acquire and maintain these applications. Is it possible that the owners of these businesses have found peace of mind as a result of this multi-vendor spiral?

Choosing a Sustainable Model: Moving Beyond ERP

A software ecosystem that is sustainable allows you to break down multiple data silos and accommodate apps and services that communicate with one another without the need for manual intervention. This model also saves money on individual product licensing and implementation. You can combine data from all of your applications to forecast growth, restoring balance to your business and tending to stakeholders who require immediate attention.

Zoho One
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No, this isn’t about switching to ERPs, but about something more: a business Operating System (OS) that sandwiched layers of apps, services, and experiences in a single unified platform. The operating system is entirely cloud-based, includes over 45 business applications, and can meet even the most basic business requirements. Furthermore, the user interface is consistent across all applications, which improves training and productivity during onboarding. Its adaptability extends even to a BI layer that spans all applications. This provides you with a consolidated dashboard and eliminates the need to manually collect multiple data sets. Zoho One is for you.

The Path To Peace Of MindZoho One

For more impactful growth, you must have a clear vision and keep the total cost of ownership in mind. The days of relying on implementation partners to set up apps and dealing with product updates that broke your integrations are long gone. You can now concentrate on what is most important to you: your business. Align your goals with Zoho One and give yourself and everyone in your company peace of mind.

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