Zoho Integration Helped Sigma Fit Delivers Great Customer Experiences.

Zoho Integration with Sigma Fit

The Company

Sigma Fit’s products are designed to solve people’s daily challenges, whether it be with their health, work, or personal life. The company was founded in 2017 by three petroleum engineers who were able to identify a major pain point in the sportswear industry: the lack of technology in our wearables. Each and every product is carefully designed and manufactured to have distinctive properties that integrate technology, quality, and innovative designs. This combination is at the core of all of Sigma Fit’s products. The company is currently operating in USA and Egypt.

The Challenge

This case may be a little different because it goes in the direction of (customer experience). When it comes to (customer experience), Sigma knows well how to do it. The company has been in business for over 6 years and specializes in providing quality products and services to its customers. In addition, Sigma has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

The challenge was that the company had a lot of customer data on Shopify—up to 50,000 customers—but it was not organized, their info was incomplete, and no one could easily access it. They, therefore, needed to classify and organize this information so that it would be accessible.

Also, it is unquestionably crucial for any business to stay in close contact with its clients and be fully aware of their complaints in order to take timely and efficient action to solve them.

As a result, by analyzing customer feedback, businesses can improve their products or services and make them more customer-oriented. In other words, happy customers are the best advertisement for any company, and their satisfaction should be always the top priority.

Like any e-commerce business, it should manage and be concerned about its social media presence, which takes more time, work, and resources to do well.

The Solution

Although the solution to these challenges may seem simple, it actually saved them a great deal of time, employment, and effort.

We met with Sigma officials to understand the issues, they are facing in order to offer them solutions that meet their needs.

The response was to give them access to a centralized software that gathers all of the customer’s data already saved on Shopify, classifies and organizes it automatically, and makes it simple to filter and access at any time.

Zoho Integration

One of Zoho’s key advantages is its ability to integrate with other platforms, even if they are not Zoho applications. In this case, Zoho integration was created between Zoho CRM and Shopify to facilitate the data transfer.

Moreover, they have software where complaints are collected, for each ticket estimated time average (SLA) that must be solved during it, all of the complaints are classified according to their importance and that require a quick solution. This allows them to effectively interact with their clients and solve their problems.

And now they can categorize the complaints to evaluate which batch received the most complaints in order to avoid the recurrence of these issues.

Furthermore, they can manage their social media platforms professionally from a single interface, which enhances the company’s image and customer service.

In this case, we used Zoho CRM, Zoho Social, Zoho Desk

Let’s learn more about each app role!

As a company, Sigma has improved its operations in so many ways. Moving forward, the team is looking to bring its entire business operation within Zoho, so it can keep its data integrated, and keep connected with its customers.

Zoho CRM

We use it for:

They chose to use Zoho CRM integrations so that everyone could have quick access to all the data because it provides data that can be categorized by Locations, orders, and Status.

Zoho Desk

We use it for:

Because interaction with customers and being aware of their complaints is an important element of any successful company, they need to use Zoho desk integration to Manage customer tickets, track customer interactions, and automate support processes.

Zoho Social

We use it for:

Sigma is also curious to see how Zoho Social can give them the ability to Schedule unlimited posts, monitor what matters, and create custom reports to analyze your social media performance.

With the implementation of Zoho One, Sigma finds it incredibly easy to understand where the business stands. Articulating important information quickly and clearly represents a huge advantage when it comes to making key decisions.

Employees were able to see Zoho One’s impact within 3 months of implementing the system, making it clear that the legacy systems previously in place were not equipped to handle the company’s unique processes.

Thank you, Sigma, for sharing your experience. Your story inspires our team to work harder and continually improve our support for all our clients. At PyramidBITS, we are committed to helping you implement Zoho integration as a powerful software solution to help businesses like yours improve processes, team productivity, and your clients’ lives.

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