What Advantages of Zoho Analytics compare to Microsoft Power BI in 6 Main Points?

Zoho Analytics
Zoho Analytics

Organizations nowadays are looking for data insights to make better decisions. This Blog compares two enterprise-grade business dashboards – Zoho Analytics and Power BI. Discussing the pros and cons of each, it provides you with a comparison between these products for making the best possible decision on which one to use for your organization.

Having trouble deciding between Zoho Analytics and Power BI? Learn how Zoho Analytics can help you go beyond Power BI’s limitations, from platform capabilities to pricing.

Zoho Analytics 

Transform raw data into informative reports and dashboards. Monitor your key business metrics, identify long-term trends, identify outliers, and forecast the future.

1- Connect  

  • Connect and combine data from different sources. 

With our simple connectors, you can connect to a wide range of sources, including files and feeds, popular business apps, cloud, and on-premise databases, custom apps, and more.

2- Prepare 

  • Data preparation for analysis 

Cleanse, transform, enrich, and catalog the data you want to analyze using our augmented, self-service data preparation and management module.

3- Analyze 

  • AI can help you with your analysis. 

Chat with our intelligent AI assistant, generate automated insights with a single click, forecast future trends, perform cognitive and what-if analysis, set up smart alerts, and much more.

4- Visualize 

  • Analyze your data visually. 

With our simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create insightful and interactive reports and dashboards. To visualize your data, use a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components.

5- Collaborate  

  • Share your discoveries as stories with everyone. 

Use secure sharing and fine-grained permissions to collaborate with users. Hold meaningful discussions about reports. Reporting slideshows will bring your boardrooms to life. Use your business data to tell stories.

6– Build 

  • BI embedded 

A low-code and no-code model for easily building and embedding analytics. Alternatively, create enterprise analytics portals for your brand. Extensible and customizable development platform to meet the needs of your business.

Why Zoho Analytics? 

  1. Unified Business Analytics 

With pre-built integrations across business applications, it aids in the unification of organizational data. And to gain insights from reports that span multiple business functions.

  1. Easy to use 

Provides a simple drag-and-drop interface. AI and machine learning capabilities such as conversational analytics, automated insights, and predictive and cognitive analytics have been added.

  1. Flexible Deployment Options 

Our proprietary Zoho cloud service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also choose between public cloud and on-premise environments.

  1. High Scale, Extensible Platform 

It includes a robust set of APIs that allow for extensive customization as well as highly extensible low-code/no-code integration with any technology stack.

  1. Low TCO 

Our pricing policies are simple and straightforward. Our licensing, customization, training, and support costs are the lowest among market competitors.

  1. Security and Governance 

Our enterprise-grade security features and governance framework are time-tested and accredited, ensuring continuous data management and stewardship.

FeaturesZoho Analytics Power BI 
Free plan  Yes (1 User) 
Import from Email   
Integration with Zoho apps   
Integration with third-party
business apps 
Data preparation module
to model, cleanse, prepare,
and catalog data 
 Requires tech
expertise limited 
Automatic data blending  Limited 
Automatic data analysis   
Pre-built business analytics  Limited 
AI-powered automated,
contextual insights, and narration 
Craft presentations blending
visualizations for
powerful data storytelling 
Share visualizations  Both the sender
and the recipient 
need to have 
Power BI Pro 
Share using private links   
Historical snapshotting   
Analytics portals for
distribution & consumption 
Support cost monthly
subscription is​
an inclusive
Free support 
only for​
Power BI Pro 
 Pricing Cloud:​Starts at
$30 for
​2 users/month 
at $20 for 
2 users/month​
(but requires other 
paid Power BI
services for 
sharing, etc.) 
at $150 for 5 
​Offered as a 
part of Power BI 
users/month a premium plan for $4,995/month 

Why should you switch to Zoho Analytics? 

1Flexible deployment 

Forget about complicated deployment models and costly licensing. You can choose between an easy-to-use, completely cloud-based, or on-premise deployment model with Zoho Analytics without purchasing additional components. Both deployment models are self-contained, which means you can purchase either the cloud or on-premise version, pay for only the number of users you require, and analyze your data with no additional costs.

2Unified Analytics 

Data silos should not prevent you from seeing the big picture. With our pre-built integrations, you can get data from anywhere and unify it under one roof in seconds to get a holistic 360° view of your business. With end-to-end insights, you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

3Augmented Analytics 

With Ask Zia and Zia insights, you can spend less time gathering insights and more time putting those insights into action. You can start a conversation with Ask Zia and ask Zia all your questions to get instant insights in the form of KPIs and reports in seconds. Use Zia insights to get instant narratives and explanations for important trends in your data.

4Embedded Analytics 

With our powerful Embedded BI and White Labeling options, ISVs, service providers, business consultants, and solution developers can now quickly implement and offer a fully built BI solution to customers. Embed Zoho Analytics seamlessly into your application/service or host your own analytics portal/website under your own brand, complete with rebranding.

5Collaborative Analytics 

Collaborate easily without having to buy multiple components or user licenses to gain access to critical business insights. You can share, comment on, and co-author reports and dashboards with anyone in seconds thanks to Zoho Analytics’ fine-grained access controls. Make your reports and dashboards available to users with and without logins. Create your own portals or embed views for wider consumption on websites, intranets, blogs, and applications.

Bottom Line, If you’re looking for an analytics platform that is easy to use, affordable, and packed with features, then you should definitely switch to Zoho Analytics. Not only does it have all the features you need to get insights into your data, but it’s also constantly being updated with new features and integrations. Plus, the customer support is top notch in case you ever run into any problems. So what are you waiting for? Switch and Get a 15-day free trial of Zoho Analytics, a better Microsoft Power BI alternative!

Sign-up now Switch and Get a 15-day free trial of Zoho Analytics Login, a better Microsoft Power BI alternative! 

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