Clever Control – 9 Benefits of This Affordable & Easy-To-Use Employee Monitoring Software

Clever Control

Monitoring employee work using various software applications is becoming increasingly popular among managers of manufacturing enterprises and business firms. Employee control can help maintain workplace discipline while also optimizing business processes, improving work activities’ quality, and avoiding fraud and data leakage.

On the market today, there is a wide range of options for employee monitoring. Clever Control, a smart solution for staff control, is one of the well-proven applications in this area.

Clever Control is a multi-purpose product that is simple to use and install and offers a wide range of functionality. The program’s main functions include tracking working hours, recording early departures and late arrivals at work, and periods of activity and inactivity. Monitoring Internet resources, including personal online activity, online security, controlling the use of external hardware and storage devices, recording from remote computer screens, taking screenshots, recording keystrokes on the keyboard, and much more are among the other useful features.

It is critical to note the ability to remotely monitor company employees while they are away from the office. Managers can use an authorized account to monitor employees’ online activities from anywhere in the world.

Now, let’s go over some of the program’s most important features.

Work Time Tracking

Clever Control monitors computer activity to determine the start and end times of an employee’s working day. Furthermore, the program tracks all periods of activity and inactivity. It allows for the detection of latecomers and slackers, as well as the identification of employees who overwork by staying late after normal working hours.

The collected data is converted into detailed reports, which are sent on a regular basis to a manager who has access to the online account.

Internet, social media and Applications Use Monitoring

Clever Control keeps track of all web pages and websites visited by employees throughout the day, as well as the history of internet searches. These searches can reveal how frequently employees use the internet for personal purposes. Furthermore, they indicate whether an employee’s search queries are related to work activities. This type of behavior may indicate a lack of professional knowledge and the need for additional staff training. Finally, by blocking unwanted websites, the application can help to maintain online security.

Clever Control tracks which social network platforms employees visit during the workday, as well as how frequently they do so. It also saves conversations from chat rooms and instant messengers. Another useful feature is the ability to view all programs and applications that are currently running on the computer, as well as the frequency and duration of their use. This capability can help businesses decide which software products to buy and which to reject, saving money on license fees. Finally, managerial control over the applications installed on employee computers can aid in the prevention of unwanted activity.

  • Keylogging

The application includes functions for recording keyboard keystrokes (keylogging). Managers can monitor all texts typed by an employee, including deleted ones, using the keylogging function. This feature is applicable to all internet searches, chat, instant messaging, and e-mail messages. This feature can assist in identifying less productive employees, preventing valuable information from being leaked, and avoiding internal threats.

  • Screenshots

The Clever Control application continuously captures screenshots of the computer screen activity being monitored. When an employee changes active windows, or URL addresses, or accesses the clipboard, snap views of the screen are taken. Based on the screenshots, the program creates a visual summary of what the employee did throughout the workday.

  • Live Computer Screen Broadcast

Clever Control allows you to “live stream” the screens of your employees’ computers as well as images from webcams in real time. A manager will be able to observe employees’ daily activities — work ethic, social networking, or online shopping — either in the office or remotely. A user-friendly online dashboard is used for remote monitoring. As a result, a manager can view live broadcasts from all webcams linked to employees’ computers.

  • Image and Sound Recording

While remote online monitoring of any computer screen takes a long time, viewing the recorded data can greatly simplify this task. Clever Control is capable of recording the remote computers’ screen, webcam, and microphone audio. Following that, these recordings can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Monitoring of External Storage Devices

Clever Control assists in the monitoring of hardware and external storage devices. This application aids in the prevention of confidential corporate information leakage and theft, as well as employee personal use of hardware devices such as printers.

Clever Control displays a comprehensive list of all connected devices to the computer, including USB, DVD / CD, SD, and hard drives, as well as the name, duration, and time of connection.

  • Installation and Use

Despite its extensive functionality, the program is easy to install and requires no specialized knowledge or IT skills. Installation and configuration take only a few minutes, and you can make changes to the settings remotely using your Internet account. It also allows you to quickly uninstall the program remotely.

Clever Control is OS X and Windows compatible. As a result, the app can be installed on any laptop or desktop computer running any version of Windows, including the most recent Microsoft Windows 10, as well as any device running OS X 10.13 High Sierra or higher.

Importantly, Clever Control operates in a hidden mode on monitored computers, making it completely invisible to employees and any internal systems such as the Task Manager. Employees are unaware they are being watched, so they are not stressed. Furthermore, the hidden mode eliminates the possibility of unauthorized changes to the application settings.

At the same time, the basic operation of Clever Control is simple. You must first register and create an account before you can install the program (free).

You will need to enter your name, phone number, email address, and password when setting up an account. Click the Register button after entering the password once more.

Download the Clever Control program to the employees’ computers after logging in directly from your account. Disabling any antivirus software is required before downloading. Enter the newly created account and click the Download button in the top right corner of the screen to begin downloading. Here, you must choose the computer’s operating system version.

All information entered into the account is organized into various categories for convenience, including “Screenshots,” “Web Pages Visited,” “Keyboard Events,” and others.

The “Remote Settings” button is found in the top right corner of the screen and is used to remotely modify program settings from an account. The settings are separated into six main groups for your convenience: “Device Info,” “Monitoring Control,” “Social Network,” “Site Blocker,” “Media,” and “Log.”

The program can be remotely deleted from your account.


The cost of using the program varies depending on the number of monitored computers and the duration of use. When installing the application on 20–100 devices, you receive a 20% discount, and it grows up to a 30% discount if you buy a subscription for more than 100 PCs. When purchasing the software for 3 months, the price will be 11.00 USD per month for one computer, for a six months plan, the price will be 6.60 USD per PC per month, and for a twelve-month plan, the price will be 4.70 USD per PC per month. The program also provides the option to request a free trial period before purchasing.

10,000 businesses worldwide rely on Clever Control, and this number is increasing. Utilizing the program enables you to increase employee productivity and spot inefficient work patterns in addition to keeping track of employee time and attendance. Additionally, you can save money on unused software, stop internal fraud, and generally enhance working conditions.

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